with voice

with voice

Piano quartets with voice:


with (mezzo-)soprano


- Dorothy Buchanan (New Zealand, 1945), "An ocean between us":  with mezzo soprano; See: http://sounz.org.nz/works/show/13602

- Svatopluk Havelka (Cech,1925), Ägape is love" (1998), with soprana; See: http://www.musicbase.cz/compositions/11493-agape-je-laska-pro-sopran-3-smycce-a-klavir/

- Winifred Hyson, "The cat that walked by himself": with  soprano;

- R. Murray Schafer, Six Songs from Rilke's Book of Hours, for  soprano and piano quartet, Arcana Editions; See: http://www.patria.org/arcana/arcchamber.html

- Griffith Rose (USA, 1936), "Son temps Océan" (1984): with  soprano; See: http://ariamusic.org/Griffith_Rose.html

See also for mezzosoprano below: Mahler, Schubert, Eröd, Präsent and Schwertsik.


with other voices


- David - Luciano Berio, "Air": with a voice; See: http://www.cdmc.asso.fr/fr/ressources/catalogue

- Ivan Eröd  (arr. by Gerhart Präsent), "Nächtlicher  Umtrieb" Opus 51,b (2005): with baritone or mezzosoprano; See http://www.alea.at/page84.html

- Gustav Mahler (arr. by Gerhart Präsent), "Rückert Lieder":  with baritone or mezzosoprano; See: http://www.alea.at/page78.html

- David Matthews, "Voyages" (England, 2005): with medium  voice; See: http://www.david-matthews.co.uk/works/work.asp?criteria=all&catid=0&keywords=&workid=152&sortby=name&sortorder=asc&page=12&nosearch=False

- Gerhard Präsent (Austria, 1957), "Halbdunkle Lieder"opus 49 (2004), for middle voice (mezzosoprano or baritone) and pianoquartet; See: Praesent (under Publishers)

- Franz Schubert  (arr. by Gerhart Präsent), "Gesänge des  Harfners" Opus 48 (2003/4): mit baritone or mezzo-soprano: See: http://www.alea.at/page84.html

- Kurt Schwertsik  (arr. by Gerhart Präsent), "Cinq  Chansons Cryptiques" Opus 51,c (1985) with baritone or mezzosoptano; See: http://www.alea.at/page84.html

- Leo Zeitlin, "Gebet für Rabbi Leyvi-Yrtskhol": with a voice;  See: https://www.areditions.com/rr/rrn/n051.html


with a narrator


- Erika Rademacher (text Gottfried Keller), "Dorothea's  Blukenkörchen"(1990-1991): with a narrator; See: http://www.musinfo.ch/index.php?content=maske_werke&pers_id=572&name=Radermacher&vorname=Erika;

- Erika Rademacher, "Acht Absurditäten"(1978): mit Melodica or Voice; See: http://www.musinfo.ch/index.php?content=maske_werke&pers_id=572&name=Radermacher&vorname=Erika

- Hartmut Schmidt (Austria, 1946), "Schafe, Sterne und  Anderes": with narrator and spontaneous coöperating childrens voices (1996);  See: http://db.musicaustria.at/en/node/138515

- Gabriel Thibaudeau (Canadian, 1959), "Les Bijoux"(2003), with recitante; See: http://www.musiccentre.ca/apps/index.cfm?fuseaction=score.FA_dsp_details&bibliographyid=52586&dsp_page=10