The author of this list, Reurt C. Gisolf living in Oostwoud, The Netherlands (email-adresses: and ) is playing viola. He is an amateur member of a pianoquartet for many, many years. This quartet made, when starting, a vow that it will never perform in public. It is just playing sightreading for the fun of the music and of the playing with each other, and to explore the litterature for this combination. The author took the task to provide the quartet with fresh music. This was the beginning of his collection of pianoquartets and of this list. The lists Quartets Plus and Quintets followed in the wake of the pianoquartet.

On the list "Composers" there are - March 2015 - 2.000 pianoquartets mentioned. In most cases I have also mentioned the dates of the composers and of the piece, the nationality, and a clue to the whereabouts of the notes by mentioning a publisher, imslp Petrucci to download scores and parts, a National Music Information Centre, a personal website of the composer or an online music shop. On the list Publishers you will find your way to connect with these instances. If possible, a link to them is indicated.

The topic "Quartet Plus " for the piano quartets who want to invite a guest player or who have to fit in an honoured guest. This topic indicates the combinations of a piano quartet with a singer or player: piano quartet with a voice, with a clarinet etc. , even piano quartet with a whole orchestra.

On this site it is mainly about the notes. You will not find any audiopresentations. CD's are mentionned, if they are the only place where a special quartet or quintet is indicated.

I'am busy to find for each composer a curriculum vitae. Nearly all the mentioned c.v.'s are from the Wikipedia Encyclopaedia, some from official or personal websites. Otherwise the copywrights are mentioned or a link makes clear were the material comes from.

As far as possible there is for each composer a nationality indicated. You can make a choice between Quartets or Quintets and in the middle of the main page you can choose a nationality; under the white letters of the alphabet you will find the composers from the indicated nationality whose familyname starts with this letter.Of course many composers should be listed under two different nationalities. Because of technical restrictons I had to make every time a choice. These is made arbitrarily. In the curriculum vitae of the composer are his or her personal circumstances more fully explained.

To list all known quartets and quintets with piano is one thing, to give the interested reader insight in what he might wish to play or hear is another topic. So it seems important to show the interested reader along. I started with the quartets from France. I dedicated a whole section in mentionning and discussing the known french pianoquartets. I was barely scrachting the surface. So I altered my plans. The composers are still listed alphabetically, but now they are also grouped after their nationality. The interested reader can find for each country the pianoquartets that originate from it.

It will be a good thing if an interested player can find some hints about works he can chooses to play or to listen to: the more accesible scores, the very rewarding ones and so on. I can direct the interested reader to the last item of this introduction "Required skills", where  I make some remarks on this subject.

Nearly two thousand pianoquartets and a fast growing number of pianoquintets is a lot, but the lists are by far not complete. At the end of 2013 I hope to have listed 1.000 pianoquintets, and in the end of 2014 another thousand.  May I ask every composer or interested person to mail the data of a quartet or quintet not yet listed? Especially to update an inventory is difficult, so my request is just to the composers who have just finished a pianoquartet or quintet to send me his or her name, the name of the work, and where interested people can find the notes.