The real lists are the one called "Quartets" and "Quintets". These are listed by name of the composer. Select the composers name alphabetically under Quatrtets or Quintets and click. There opens a window with the known details of the composer and the piece. The year of birth and the year of death are mentioned, along with the nationality of the composer.

I have also tried to give the name of the publisher and some whereabouts of the sheetmusic. The publishers are indicated by a short name you can find in the list of publishers, giving full details about adressess, websites and so on and so forth, so far as known. You also will find here National Information Centres that direct you to their websites with useful information.There are some websites which give you the parts to download. If a score and/or parts can be obtained in this way, it is mentionned under the heading "pecularities".

With "Peculiarities" I have tried to indicate so far as possible some suggestions about how to get the notes. There are the following abbrevations used:

BMIC (British Music Information centre)

Br&vP (you can order the music by way of the website: www.broekmans.nl )

cd (cd in the possesion of Reurt Gisolf)

Cobbett (in the library of the Cobett Association: www.cobbett.com)

Cons.Bibl.A'dam (in the library of the Conservatory of Amsterdam)

Haagse Cons.Bibl. (in the library of the Conservatory in The Hague)

JAH (in the possesion of Jan Hollanders)

Kump (in the possesion of Jukka Kumpulainen)

Lang (in the possesion of Peter Lang)

Leduc Paris (availible in the Musicshop Rue de Saint Honoré, Paris)

RCG (in the possesion of the author of this site)

RCG-copy or RCG-copie (a copy in the possesion of Reurt Gisolf)