Piano Quartets



Last Name First Name Composition Options
NagelJodyDorian Fantasy ( Pianokwartet no 1,1998)Vieuw Nagel's details
NapravnikEduard F.Opus 42 in a (1882)Vieuw Napravnik's details
NarbutaiteOnuteAutumn Ritornello. Hommage a Fryderyk. (1999)Vieuw Narbutaite's details
NatorpPaul G.Quartet in D (1900)Vieuw Natorp's details
NeergaardJoachim Bruun dePiano QuartetVieuw Neergaard's details
NefDirk deMixed gril(l) con Vari-canzonares (1999)Vieuw Nef's details
NegliaFrancesco P.Opus 26 (1905)Vieuw Neglia's details
NeikrugMarcGreen Torso (2009)Vieuw Neikrug's details
NelsonSheila M. TetratumesVieuw Nelson's details
NelsonLarryDanceable Haze for violin, viola, cello and piano (2005)Vieuw Nelson's details
NelsonLarryQuartet Jove for violin,viola,cello and piano (1984)Vieuw Nelson's details
NeulandWilhelmOpus 48 in cVieuw Neuland's details
NichollsFrederickThe four winds, Quartet for piano and strings, Opus 37Vieuw Nicholls's details
NichollsFredericQuartet for piano and strings, Opus 24Vieuw Nicholls's details
NiederFabioSogno 10 lïenedi gennaio 1892, in una casa molte gente musiche son entrato a casa, violin, viola, cello, piano, DJ-percussion, 2005 (section of Timmel; may be performed separately as a concert work); Vieuw Nieder's details
NiederFabio Timmel, part 5 fot pianoquartetVieuw Nieder's details
NiedermayerTeddy Spe Salvi (Saved by Hope) (2008)Vieuw Niedermayer's details
NielsenRicardoQuartet (c.1961)Vieuw Nielsen's details
NieuwenhoveErnest Alphons vanQuatuor pour piano, violine, alto et violocello (1928)Vieuw Nieuwenhove's details
NikolayevAlexei A.Piano Quartet (1995)Vieuw Nikolayev's details
NockMikeDialogues, Meditation and Reflections (2005)Vieuw Nock's details
NodairaIchiroQuatuor En Hiver pour piano,violon,alto et violoncel (2004)Vieuw Nodaira's details
NordenMaarten vanAmenhotep IV (1998)Vieuw Norden's details
NordstromHans-HenrikSkitser fra Island (2003)Vieuw Nordstrom's details
NorgardPer Suite-from Babette's Feast (1987)Vieuw Norgard's details
NormanFredrik V.L. Opus 10 in E (1857)Vieuw Norman's details
NorrisWilfredPiano Quartet in D Minor (1940)Vieuw Norris's details
NoskowskiZygmundOpus 8 in d (1879)Vieuw Noskowski's details
NoskowskiZygmuntPiano Quartet no. 2 in EVieuw Noskowski's details
NottebohmMartin Gustav Opus 1 in f (1843)Vieuw Nottebohm's details
NovakPavel The year of a bird (12 short pieces)Vieuw Novak's details
NovakVitezslavOpus 7 in g (1894/1899)Vieuw Novak's details
NovakPavelSt. Mary Variations for piano quartet (2000)Vieuw Novak's details