Piano Quartets



Last Name First Name Composition Options
LabeyMarcel Quartett in g (c.1911)Vieuw Labey's details
LabeyMarcelQuatuor avec Piano (1911)Vieuw Labey's details
LaborJosefOpus 6 in C (1893)Vieuw Labor's details
LachRobert3 QuartettenVieuw Lach's details
LachertPjotrLamento (2004)Vieuw Lachert's details
LachnerVincenzOpus 10 in g (1846)Vieuw Lachner's details
LacombePaulOpus 101 in c (1904)Vieuw Lacombe's details
LadermanEzraPiano Quartet (1996)Vieuw Laderman's details
Lai Nga-TingAdaThe stars are not wanted now (2005)Vieuw Lai Nga-Ting's details
LaitinenArvo AQuartetto sinfonico (1917)Vieuw Laitinen's details
LajthaLaszlo Zongoranegyes Opus 6 (1925)Vieuw Lajtha's details
LamFungFloat (2011)Vieuw Lam's details
LamanWimOrphic rites (2008)Vieuw Laman's details
LambertEdwardEmplay (1983)Vieuw Lambert's details
LandeghemJan vanMarcatissimo (1998)Vieuw Landeghem's details
LandryJeanneQuartette pour violon, violon II ou alto, violoncello et pianoVieuw Landry's details
LaneLizSilent Spring for piano quartet (2008)Vieuw Lane's details
LangWalterOpus 52 (1947)Vieuw Lang's details
LangKlausGeschrieben in Wasser (2007)Vieuw Lang's details
LapaFernando C.Cânone (1979)Vieuw Lapa's details
LaporteAndrePianoquartet From a Pomo's Diary (2002)Vieuw Laporte's details
LaporteAndreStory: Actus quasi-tragicus, for violine,viola,violoncello and harpsichord (1967)Vieuw Laporte's details
LarchikovVadimQuartet for clarinet (or violine), violine (or viola),cello and piano (1992)Vieuw Larchikov's details
LarionovOleg Piano Quartet no. 1 in F Major (2013)Vieuw Larionov's details
LarsenLibbyOver, Easy (2009)Vieuw Larsen's details
LasekkKarl L'agitation in b (1847)Vieuw Lasekk's details
LauberJosephOpus 8 in Bes (1899)Vieuw Lauber's details
LauberAnnePiano Quartet (1989)Vieuw Lauber's details
LauerA.B.vonQuartet 1 in e (1864)Vieuw Lauer's details
Lauer A.B.vonQuartet 3 in A (1865)Vieuw Lauer 's details
LaunisArmas Pianoquartet (1907?)Vieuw Launis's details
LaunisArmasNocturno Vieuw Launis's details
Launis ArmasKullervo (arr.Alex Freeman)Vieuw Launis 's details
LaunisArmasJehudith (arr. Alex Freeman)Vieuw Launis's details
LavainneFerdinandOpus 80Vieuw Lavainne's details
LavainneFerdinand Opus 98 in D (1885)Vieuw Lavainne's details
LaVioletteWesleyQuartet (1930)Vieuw LaViolette's details
LaVioletteWesleyQuartetVieuw LaViolette's details
Le BeauLouise A.Opus 28 in f (c.1884)Vieuw Le Beau's details
Leante (Carluccio-)FrancescoSee: Carluzzio-LeanteVieuw Leante (Carluccio-)'s details
LedgerJamesEsscher Portraits (2014)Vieuw Ledger's details
LeeLouisOpus 5 in F (1851)Vieuw Lee's details
LeeShinuhPaul a servant of Jesus Christ for pianoquartet (2005)Vieuw Lee's details
LeechOwenI. When the moon rises.. (1999); II. A deeper season (2001); III.The wind in the ash... (2005); Vieuw Leech's details
LeFanuNicolaMiniature and CanonVieuw LeFanu's details
LefebvreCharles E.Opus 42 in Es (1878)Vieuw Lefebvre's details
LefkoffGeraldMusic for pianoquartet (1995)Vieuw Lefkoff's details
LegleyVicPiano Quartet (1973)Vieuw Legley's details
LeightonKennethQuartet In One Mouvement:Contrasts and Variants, Opus 63 (1972) Vieuw Leighton's details
LeiviskaHelviOpus 1 in A (1926/35)Vieuw Leiviska's details
LekeuGuillaumeQuatuor inachevé in b (1894)Vieuw Lekeu's details
LeleuJeanneQuatuor polytonaal (1926)Vieuw Leleu's details
LemayRobert A tout prendre, hommage a Claude Jutra six miniatures pour trio a cordes et piano (1995)Vieuw Lemay's details
LembaArtur G.Piano Quartet (1938)Vieuw Lemba's details
LeonhardJulius E. Opus 17 in A (1852)Vieuw Leonhard's details
LeozJesus G. Quarteto con PianoVieuw Leoz's details
LeslieHenry D.Opus 6Vieuw Leslie's details
LesselFrancisekOpus 31 (1882)Vieuw Lessel's details
Lesur (Daniël-Lesur)Jean-YvesSuite (1943)Vieuw Lesur (Daniël-Lesur)'s details
LeveringArthur Cloches for piano, violin, viola and cello (1995)Vieuw Levering's details
LevyErnstPiano Quartet (1956)Vieuw Levy's details
LevyFrank EzraPiano Quartet No. 2 - Mozart\'s Shadow : For Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano (2015).Vieuw Levy's details
LewisLeonard M.Mirror Scherzo: for piano quartet (2002)Vieuw Lewis's details
LewisDaniel T.Piano Quartet (2011)Vieuw Lewis's details
LiangLiangAurora Boreas for piano quartetVieuw Liang's details
LiebermannLowellOpus 114 (2010)Vieuw Liebermann's details
Liebmann-Riese (Liebert)Helene MGrosses Quartett in As Majeur Opus 13Vieuw Liebmann-Riese (Liebert)'s details
LindbergOscarPianokvartettVieuw Lindberg's details
LinkJohn Pianoquartet (2001)Vieuw Link's details
LinkeNorbertMetamorphosen ...Czech Lied (1975)Vieuw Linke's details
LioncourtGuy deQuatuor in eVieuw Lioncourt's details
LissauerFrederic2 Tapetries Opus 36 (2001-2002)Vieuw Lissauer's details
LizeeNicoleThrowingstars! (2000)Vieuw Lizee's details
LobanovVassilyOpus 68 (1996)Vieuw Lobanov's details
LobanovVassilyMahler, Symphony 3, part 4-6, for pianoquartet (1995-1996)Vieuw Lobanov's details
LobeJohann Ch. QuartetVieuw Lobe's details
LobeJohann Ch.Opus 9Vieuw Lobe's details
Loder (Lady Thompson)KatePiano Quartet no. 1 (1848)Vieuw Loder (Lady Thompson)'s details
Loder (Lady Thompson)KatePiano Quartet no. 2 (1846)Vieuw Loder (Lady Thompson)'s details
LoeilletJean B. Sonate a quatre in h-moll Vieuw Loeillet's details
LöhrRichard HarveyOpus 15 in eVieuw Löhr's details
LomonRuthPiano Quartet (1995)Vieuw Lomon's details
LootenChristopheQuattuor avec piano (1994)Vieuw Looten's details
Lopes-GracaFernandoQuartetto con pianoVieuw Lopes-Graca's details
LorenzAlfred O.Quartet in E (1906)Vieuw Lorenz's details
LosonczyAndorQuartett (1992)Vieuw Losonczy's details
LouieAlexinaFastForwardVieuw Louie's details
Lovenskjeld (Lövenskjeld)Hermann S.Opus 26 in f (1862)Vieuw Lovenskjeld (Lövenskjeld)'s details
LuchesiAndrea L.Four QuartetsVieuw Luchesi's details
LudewegWolfgangQuartet (2002)Vieuw Ludeweg's details
LudwigJosephQuartet in Es Vieuw Ludwig's details
LudwigDavidPiano Quartet (1996/7)Vieuw Ludwig's details
LudwigDavid Aria Fantasy (2003)Vieuw Ludwig's details
LuehrssCarl Opus 26 in A (1855)Vieuw Luehrss's details
LügertJosephQuartetVieuw Lügert's details
Luhl-Dolgorukiy Enguerrand-FriedrichPiano Quartet after Mahler (Scherzo)Vieuw Luhl-Dolgorukiy 's details
Luhl-DolgorukiyEnguerrand-FriedrichQuatuor avec piano nr 1 LWV 121Vieuw Luhl-Dolgorukiy's details
Luhl-Dolgorukiy Enguerrand-FriedrichKonzertstuck LWV 19Vieuw Luhl-Dolgorukiy 's details
LukasZdenekPiano Quartet no 1, opus 151, Sonata di Danza (1980)Vieuw Lukas's details
LukasZdenekPiano Quartet no 2, opus 241 (1991)Vieuw Lukas's details
LukasZdenekSonata di Danza, for violin, viola, cello and piano (2006)Vieuw Lukas's details
LuzzattoFortunato opus 58 in B (1903)Vieuw Luzzatto's details
LybinDmitryFaces of Constellation (2009)Vieuw Lybin's details