Piano Quartets



Last Name First Name Composition Options
TabakovaDobrinkaGoldberg Gymnopedie (2011)Vieuw Tabakova's details
TaheebC. (Cepref H. ?)Piano Quartet in E major (Opus 20)Vieuw Taheeb's details
TailleferreGermaineSonate Champetre pour violon, alto, violoncelle et pianoVieuw Tailleferre's details
TailleferreGermaineMenuettesVieuw Tailleferre's details
TalJosefPiano Quartet (1982)Vieuw Tal's details
TalmelliAndreaQuartteto per violine, viola, violoncelo e pianoforte (1976)Vieuw Talmelli's details
TalmonOri Ben-YosefForest of Secundary Trees (2007)Vieuw Talmon's details
TambergEino M.Piano Quartet Opus 107 (2000)Vieuw Tamberg's details
TanakaToshimitsuAdagio and Allegro (1963)Vieuw Tanaka's details
TaneyevSergej I. Opus 20 in E (1906)Vieuw Taneyev's details
TansmanAlexandreSuite divertissement (1929)Vieuw Tansman's details
TaprayJean FrancoisOpus 18,1 en Fa Majeur (also: clavecin, clarinette ou basse)Vieuw Tapray's details
TaprayJean Francoisopus 18 no.2 en Si bemol majeur (also: clavecin, clarinette ou basse)Vieuw Tapray's details
TardosBelaQuartet (1939-1941)Vieuw Tardos's details
Tarek Ali HassanSee: HassanVieuw Tarek Ali Hassan's details
TaubBruce J.H....the limit of the Flame...(1997)Vieuw Taub's details
TaubertErnst E.Opus 38 in Es (c.1882)Vieuw Taubert's details
TaubertKarl G. WilhelmOpus 19 in Es (1835)Vieuw Taubert's details
TausingerJan Canto di Speranza (1969)Vieuw Tausinger's details
TaylorMatthewFour Lullabies Opus 27 (2001)Vieuw Taylor's details
The Moody BluesNights In White Satin for Piano Quartet, arr. James M. GuthrieVieuw The Moody Blues's details
ThierrotHeinrich FerdinandOpus 9 in e (1863)Vieuw Thierrot's details
ThierrotHeinrich Ferdinand Opus 30 in Es (1875)Vieuw Thierrot's details
ThilmanJohannes P.Pianoquartet no. 2 Opus 70Vieuw Thilman's details
ThilmannJohannes P.Opus 38Vieuw Thilmann's details
ThomsonJefffrey (Jeff) A.Eclogue for piano and strings (2011)Vieuw Thomson's details
ThomsonJohnPiano Quartet (1827)Vieuw Thomson's details
ThorvalsdottirAnnaShades of Silence (fir violin, viola, cello and harpsichord) (2012)Vieuw Thorvalsdottir's details
ThysPeterSuite (1998)Vieuw Thys's details
ThysPeterRondo (1996)Vieuw Thys's details
Tinoco LuisLugares Esquecidos (1998)Vieuw Tinoco 's details
Tintorer i SagarraPerePianoquartet no 1 Un souvenir de BeethovenVieuw Tintorer i Sagarra's details
Tintorer i SagarraPerePianoquartet no 2Vieuw Tintorer i Sagarra's details
Tolhurst, theYoungerHenryAndante Tranquillo for Piano Quartet (ca. 1920)Vieuw Tolhurst, theYounger's details
TomaschekJohann W.Opus 22 (1805)Vieuw Tomaschek's details
TombelleFernand de la Opus 24 in e (1895)Vieuw Tombelle's details
Toro-PérezGermánOrdoVieuw Toro-Pérez's details
TournemireCharles A.Opus 15 in d (1898)Vieuw Tournemire's details
ToveyDonald F.Opus 12 in e (1900)Vieuw Tovey's details
TowerJoanWhite Granite (2010)Vieuw Tower's details
TrappH.E.A. MaxOpus 4Vieuw Trapp's details
TrappH.E.A. MaxOpus 7Vieuw Trapp's details
TrappH.E.A. MaxOpus 31 in f (1935)Vieuw Trapp's details
TregaskisAlanPianoquartet (1980)Vieuw Tregaskis's details
TrojahnManfredKlavierquartett (2005-08)Vieuw Trojahn's details
TsontakisGeorgeQuartet no 1 Bagatelles (1997)Vieuw Tsontakis's details
TsontakisGeorgeQuartet no 2 (1999)Vieuw Tsontakis's details
TsontakisGeorgePianoquartet No 3 (2005)Vieuw Tsontakis's details
TubinEduardPiano Quartet in cis (1929-1930)Vieuw Tubin's details
TurinaJoaquinOpus 67 in a (1931)Vieuw Turina's details
TurinaJose LuisCuarteto con pianoVieuw Turina's details
TurkanowskyWernerVariations for violine, viole, violonvelle and pianoVieuw Turkanowsky's details
Turkevich-LukyanevichStefaniaPiano QuartetVieuw Turkevich-Lukyanevich's details
TurnageMark-AnthonyThree for Two, for pianoquartet (2010)Vieuw Turnage's details
TurpinEdmund M.QuartetVieuw Turpin's details
TwiggColinPianoquartet (2000)Vieuw Twigg's details